Your safety and wellbeing is our top priority.

In order to operate safely and maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere, we will implement the following: If you know you’re sick, you feel sick or have any symptoms such as a fever or severe cough (not an allergy cough), STAY HOME.
  • We may be implementing temperature checks for each client as you arrive(this may or may not be implemented by the 6th, we are discussing this further, please be aware that this may happen). If you have had a fever within the last 48 hrs, you will be sent home or asked to go see your provider so that you may be tested for covid-19 or flu.
  • We as therapists will be taking our temperature daily before we start our day and if we have a temp of 100.4 or higher, we will be canceling the appts for that therapist until they’ve been tested and cleared.
  • We as therapists will be using face coverings from when you, the client, walk in the door to after you leave your appt. (this also includes during your massage session). At this time, we have been told that all clients “should” wear face coverings, but are not “required” to wear them while in the premisses. We will not be enforcing this “should” statement, It is your right to wear one or not wear one. We will not require you to wear a mask if that is your choice.
  • Between each client, we will be sanitizing… well, everything (including door handles, door, door frames, seats, pens, clip board, hand railings in our stairway, front entrance door, etc.)
  • We have implemented an additional 15 mins in between each of our appt slots to allow us this extra time to clean and sanitize.( this allows us a total of 30mins to check clients out, clean, then receive our next client)
  • Our upstairs door will remain locked until 10mins prior to your appt time. This is to help minimize walk-ins and maintain a minimum of clients in our office at one time. If you arrive earlier that 10mins, please remain in your car and then come up 10mins prior to your appt. time.
  • We’ve also purchased an ultraviolet light and ozone air purifier to clean and sanitize the airflow within our office. This will operate within our HVAC system.
  • If you feel that you need to continue to self-quarantine, please contact us and let us know so that we can cancel your appt/s and reschedule you for a later date which you feel will be a better future time for you.
We thank you for your understanding in this new and different time we find ourselves in. – Jeremiah Steinhauer